Data methods are made to get data for you to use in your strategies. You can use them to get historical pricing data (eg. get_symbol_bars()) and more. You can see a list of them below:

get_last_price(asset[, quote, exchange, ...])

Takes an asset and returns the last known price

get_last_prices(assets[, quote, exchange])

Takes a list of assets and returns the last known prices

get_historical_prices(asset, length[, ...])

Get historical pricing data for a given symbol or asset.

get_historical_prices_for_assets(assets, length)

Get historical pricing data for the list of assets.


Get a quote for the asset.

start_realtime_bars(asset[, keep_bars])

Starts a real time stream of tickers for Interactive Broker only.


Retrieve the real time bars as dataframe.


Cancels a stream of real time bars for a given asset.


Get the dividend for the previous day.

get_next_trading_day(date[, exchange])

Finds the next trading day for the given date and exchange.